August 5, 2018

Sarah & Hamzah

Green Forest




Team in charge


These laid back couples are adventurous and traveller`s who have picked up a multitude of influences from afar, they don’t want a theme or to limit themselves to one influence only, instead they want to bring it all together into one for their wedding. Now here is a wedding with kinfolks, nature, and bohemian style which has all the key elements in Sarah and Hamzah`s wedding onto those gorgeous summery vibes. Sarah and Hamzah created a beautiful reflection of their love stories, personalities and hobbies in their wedding into a
whole concept called “La Prima Estate”  which means “The First Summer is Come” A summer bohemian wedding is a free spirited and intimate wedding celebration, which coincided on their wedding day in August where the beginning of summer began.

Bohemian bride and groom embraced the theme fully, through everything from their fashion to their décor or subtly by selecting simple touches. Sarah chose a long sleeved lace gown yet mediaeval and totally stunning for her big day. She really did make the perfect boho bride complete with flower crown and wild style florals. While Hamzah was the picture of sophisticated in a tan skinny fit suit teamed with bow tie and on trend tassel loafers. Their designs are modern and playful and made from airy materials that are so easy to wear.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature, the outdoor scene blends nods to the past with amazing macrame installation as a backdrop and jeans material that presents one of adventurous and bohemian accents. Wild arragement florals style did a beautiful job decorated the venue. The fresh bunches included eucalyptus and herbs to make the venue smell wonderful and rustic.

The intimate point in this wedding is when the groom sings his bride into the Wedding Ceremony, surrounded by their closest friends and family, the emotion was unreal. Well done Sarah and Hamzah , it was a beautiful moment.