July 7, 2018

Putri & Eko





Team in charge


Nowadays, marriage ceremonies become more diverse because of the strong cultural mixture as well as the globalization process. Putri and Eko`s wedding was immersed in cultural traditions from two different cultures, the Sundanese and Javanese. Putri and Eko wants the simple things in Sundanese traditions and then applied into Javanese. So they created this kind of combination of culture between Javanese and Sundanese. It was a very romantic wedding when two different persons from two different families are tied in a sacred wedding.

Embracing the Indonesia culture in a ballroom Putri and Eko’s wedding decoration was a definitely rewarding experience. Fragrant, bold colors, rich with tradition are the elements that describe a traditional Javanese wedding ceremony. The wedding decoration was also very traditional to bring out the traditional theme. White Javanese gebyok with beautiful white and blush flowers at the throne where they reside for most of the wedding day.
Together with selection of batik fabric, traditional jasmine garlands, wooden and earthy decorative materials we presented this traditional themed ballroom wedding.

On the wedding day, the bride and groom are adorned with jasmine flowers and wrapped in sarong as Sundanese wedding attire. There is a live gamelan music for traditional entertainment during the mingling. Putri and Eko’s wedding is one of the traditional wedding
that shows no matter what the wedding process you are into, the thing that is one is a lovely family, forever and ever.