September 2, 2018

Indri & Eki




Team in charge


The harmony of this acculturation wedding has never failed to put a smile on Indri and Eka’s face. Indri and Eki held their wedding at Palembang with acculturation wedding between rustic styles and Palembangese wedding. Its called “Menjuntai Elok Kasih” for this wedding concept. The idea of Indri and Eki’s wedding concept comes from the use of typical Palembang fabric strands as a wedding decoration. Indri and Eki chose styling services only for their wedding to planning the finer details of their styling brief and implementing it all on their big day.

Indri and Eki’s wedding is different from traditional Palembang wedding in general, this wedding minimizes the red color which is the red color is representing mightiness that Palembang is closely associated to. They chose all-white traditional Palembangese with
shades of gold attires to modern Palembangese wedding. The beauty of “Menjuntai Elok Kasih” wedding decoration is a strands of “blacu” and “songket” fabric that decorated the wedding venue with beautiful white and green wild flowers arrangements style to suit the chosen colour scheme. Gorgeous wooden tables pair with wooden benches and gold tones totally work to create the perfect rustic place setting.

Indri and Eki wore gorgeous traditional Palembang attire in dazzling beige and gold with details in their clothes and glam headpieces. There were Palembang traditional dance called “Tari Pagar Pengantin” which had to be performed by Indri herself . This dance is performed in front of the groom which as a symbol that the wife will not take any actions without the permission of the beloved husband, and everything must stays inside the circle.